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"Vibrations of Doom" ISSUE #18
BISHOP OF HEXEN "Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy"
SCORE: 98/100
(Hammerheart Productions)

Coming out of the "holy land" of Israel comes one
of the best black metal bands I’ve heard in quite some time.
But damn, those LONG song titles!
Like ‘Crossing The Borders Between Light and Darkness’,
and ‘To Begin The Quest Towards The Noble Dark Cause’.
I must say the keyboard and synth compositions
are some of the most beautiful and haunting at the same time that I have ever heard!
The vocals are typical ghoulish and screeching black metal sounds,
but there are also some deep spoken male vocals as well,
rather reminiscent of Cronos’chanting on Venom’s classic "At War With Satan".
These songs are rather long as well, but it’s hardly a complaint since the rich
orchestration and varied use of different sounds and samples keep things very interesting!
My only REAL complaint was with the song ‘When A Witch Becomes A Pale Bride’,
and it’s a minor annoyance: The vocal/drum/instrumentation arrangement
on a few lines was really weak,
plus the vocals are sometimes hard to follow when you’re reading the lyrics.
However, these are VERY minor complaints when you
consider how intelligently the music, vocals, and even the lyrics are laid out.

BISHOP OF HEXEN "Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy" CD
Hammerheart Productions, 1997
Rating: 5, 5 of 6

Frankly speaking, I am not of very good opinion about Israel, but some bands,
coming from the "Holy Country", surprisingly appear
as much better than European and American ones.
Perhaps, BISHOP OF HEXEN is the best Israelian BM band I’ve heard so far.
The only comparison is SUMMONING,
and even then when it comes to approach to composing music.
I’m not saying that these guys are incredibly original,
I simply couldn’t hear any evident kind of copying…
Their style is competently-arranged symphonic dark black metal, based on keyboards,
but not that soothing like SUMMONING play.
Good sound effects, well thought-out compositions and quite effective lyrics,
speaking about mystical and philosophical themes and experiences.
Listen careful to the last title "To Begin The Quest Towards The Noble Dark Cause",
and find out how do you like the vocals…

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