Unveil the Curtain of Sanity – Review

Bishop of Hexen – 98%

Written by EmilyMaddox, on December 14th, 2004

Bishop of Hexen is an Israeli Black Metal band. They combine elements of King Diamond, Cradle of Filth, and classic Black Metal. Their style is atmospheric, melodic, and symphonic.

I like many things about the band and their promo. First of all, the vocalist has a great range of vocals. The keyboards provide atmosphere. Every song is an epic with the exception of the first song which is an intro.

The intro sets an eerie tone. The entire album has a very dark mood. The eerie sound effects including creaking doors adds to the imagination.

The best song is “Eyes gaze to a future foreseen.” The track has an incredible solo. However, every song is great. The atmosphere created is simply amazing. The lyrics are cool and very different. They aren’t all about Satan. They take a new direction while still staying true to the ideals of Black Metal much like the music of King Diamond.

The album in a lot of ways is like a concept album. It isn’t. However, every song seems to tell a story and they all are connected through their sound. On “The Somber Grounds of Truth” the sound is eerie and something about it sounds like a circus. I can’t explain why, but whenever I listen to the song, an image of evil clowns forms in my head.
Anyway, the guitar riffs are intriguing but the main instrument and focal point for the band is the keyboard. The keyboard sets the tone leading every riff and without it there would be little left. The guitars and bass both played by Uriel E, support the keyboards.

The vocals I’m assuming both lead and backing, are provided by Lord Koder. The range is unique for Black Metal. They are like King Diamond at his lower range and Abboth from Immortal during his higher range.

In short, Bishop of Hexen takes everything that is good about Black Metal and fuses it all together; creating a sound unlike anything else I’ve heard. Sure it’s similar to a lot of bands, but its sound as a whole is all of its own. I’ve never heard Israeli black metal before but I certainly like what I hear from this band. The short length of this promo leaves me and I’m sure every listener wanting more. I can’t wait to hear a full length album from them!